SLAs for manual reviews

One of the saddest things to happen to building software products is the introduction of manual review cycles on PlayStore and AppStore. As an engineer, not being able to go live with a git push is frustrating. You have to wait for days, or even weeks for your code to see the light of day. It sucks the fun out of being a builder.

With no SLAs, they make it difficult to launch, iterate or fix bugs.

One could argue that engineers must aim for perfection. But perfection is a luxury only well-staffed organizations can afford. If you’re a small company building a product whose primary endpoint is an app on one of these platforms, you’ve to get used to feeling helpless.

In the long term, a decentralized but equally convenient package delivery mechanism is what we need.

In the meanwhile, I feel it’s time that we unionized and demanded SLAs. Given the tax they extort do they not owe us this?